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The Story of Who Cut The Cheesecake

Back when I was in high school my uncle gave me a cookbook for Christmas, and there I found a recipe for a pumpkin cheesecake. My first cheesecake came out amazingly well, but I knew it could be better. I did a lot of research and with trial and error I was able to create the perfect cheesecake. I started my first cheesecake business during my senior year of high school as a way to make a little extra money. Unfortunately life got in the way and after one year in business I had to put the cheesecake pans to rest.


To keep me occupied during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic I tried a new venture and created a youtube cooking channel  titled Dave's Home Cooking. One video featured the coveted cheesecake recipe I had developed 16 years earlier and had since never touched. The video gained hundreds of views within a few hours, and it wasn’t long before friends were asking for me to make a cheesecake for them. A Worcester firefighter, was one of the first to offer to buy the cheesecakes. Reigniting my old business plan I chose to make 10 cakes for special order out of my kitchen. Within minutes they were sold out. I continued to make them weekly as special order and sold out for 6 months straight.  Due to popular demand and desire to grow my business I needed more space and ovens. Saint Bernards church in Worcester offered to rent out their kitchen, and with Fr Jonathan’ s support our business began to grow. 

With the help from my friends we made hundreds of cheesecakes. And every week more and more people continued to order. Local restaurants asked to carry our delicious cheesecakes on their dessert menu. A local newspaper did an interview which exposed us even more. I began to believe that this could be my new life, making and creating tasty treats for the New England area. Who cut the Cheesecake was taking off.

In the summer of 2021, with the passing of a Worcester police officer and some changes the church was making I needed to take a hiatus and again had to put my business on hold to focus on family.

Through the hiatus people continued to show interest in my products, and asked when I was going to start making cheesecakes again. But, this time I needed my own spot, a place I could call my own. I began a search everywhere for a restaurant to lease, but was unable to find anything. The day I decided to close for good and sell my equipment was the day I found out a popular shop in my hometown Chepachet RI was closing and would be available for lease. I made a call and jumped right in. 

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